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  • Extremely vivid print – in serigraphy a thick layer of ink is applied; therefore, we can get very vivid and rich colours that do not sink into the surface and do not change tone.
  • Diversity of print surfaces – with serigraphy we can print on any paper: different texture, tone, film-coated or metallic. We can also print on the other material surfaces: fabric, plastic, wood, metal, ceramics, glass, etc.
  • Possibility to emboss – due to thick layer of ink in serigraphy it is easy to make decorative relief effect. Items with relief effect create an image of luxury and are pleasant to the touch.
  • Broad spectrum of colours – in serigraphy we can make any colour we want and it will maintain clarity, because individual stencils are used for each colour.
  • Durability – screen prints are resistant to atmospheric agents and may be used outdoor.
  • Good price for low and medium volume printing – due to special stencils and printing process complexity, the serigraphy should be used for low volume printing rather mass production.


1. Print on paper of any texture or cardboard:

  • business cards
  • forms, envelopes
  • formal postcards, invitations
  • letters of appreciation
  • packages, etc.

2. Print on adhesive paper: labels, stickers, etc.

3. Print on plastic surfaces: packages, pendants, information plates, etc.

4. Print on glass and ceramics: cups, plates, mugs, etc.

5. Print on fabrics: flags, t-shirts, headscarves, bags, etc.

6. Print on wooden surfaces: boards, boxes, toys, etc.