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Offset Printing


  • High quality – in comparison to other printing methods, ink rationing and transferring mechanism in offset printing is more complex and accurate, therefore precise, expressive and vivid print is obtained. Rubber surface of blanket cylinder in printing machine compensates micro and macro roughness on the surface of printing material, thus even minor elements are perfectly reflected.
  • Good price for medium or large volume prints – in offset printing unit price is directly linked to the volume; therefore, this printing technology is bets for larger volume printings.
  • Broad spectrum of colours – in offset printing CMYK or Pantone colour models allow reflecting a very broad spectrum of colours and plenitude delicate halftones, as well as facilitate brand colour reproduction from client’s label.
  • Variety of printing surfaces – offset printing may be used for variable grammage paper (from newsprint to half cardboard), as well as textured, metallic or other type of paper.
  • Long-term form of print – due to special offset printing machine construction, print plate wears more slowly and thus, ensures a higher number of imprints. This leads to savings, because once plate built, new one may not be necessary for additional volume.


  • books and magazines, other serials
  • inserts, leaflets, brochures
  • posters, calendars, maps
  • business cards, discount cards
  • gift vouchers, tickets
  • lottery coupons
  • formal postcards
  • stickers and labels
  • branded envelopes, forms, bags
  • packages