Direct Mail

“BMK Leidykla” offers increasingly popular service of direct mail to letterboxes: we print, stuff envelopes and deliver personalised information based on your indications to addressees. We can also print in colour.

Direct mail is direct marketing tool, where offers for goods and services, invoices and other information is sent to the targeted addressees, selected based on specific indicators.  That is variable or personalised information, because the data is tailored to individual receiver.


  • You can group audience – printed variable information may target a specific audience segment. In this way you pay only for targeted contacts that may find your information relevant.  It may be grouped by: gender, age, marital status, place of birth, place of residence, education, occupation, language, religion, political opinion, hobbies.
  • Closer relationships with the client – personalised information builds closer ties between a company and its client, the client feels important, accepts personal messages with more interest. This is an excellent way to maintain relationships with long-term loyal clients.
  • Observed and proven effectiveness – the data of the study conducted abroad shows that parcel addressed personally increases the possibility of feedback for 36%, and speed of response – one third.
  • Uniqueness – direct mail in Lithuania is still not as yet in widespread use; therefore, it is a great opportunity to stand out from the competitors. Incoming mail consisting mainly of marketing material volumes continue to increase; therefore, a personal message will be exceptional and more attractive.


At “BMK Leidykla” we can print, stuff envelopes and send the following personal message:

  • names on envelopes and promotion letters
  • names and texts on trays, diplomas, certificates
  • nominal discount cards, coupons
  • nominal invitations
  • nominal postcards with greetings
  • reports, invoices, payment slips
  • letters, forms, letterheads, etc.

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