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Digital Print


  • Print speed – digital printing requires few pre-press operations, therefore orders are filled very quickly.
  • High quality prints – digital print equipment always meets the latest printing market trends, and regular updating ensures the highest quality prints and the most extensive possibilities.
  • Good price for low volume printing – in the case of low volumes the digital printing is cheaper, as it does not require the photography or printing forms production, and a cost of one copy is independent of volume.
  • Possibility to print small volumes – a digital printing technology may be used for printing one copy and more.
  • Wide choice of formats – digital prints may be used for different format prints from smallest (e. g. sticker) to A0 and larger.
  • Diversity of print surfaces – digital printing may be used on the coated, non-coated, offset, sticker, carbon, textured paper, PVC sticker, etc.
  • Printing information is easy to change and adjust, because it is printed directly from a computer.


  • books and magazines
  • inserts, leaflets, brochures
  • teaching material
  • conference and presentation material
  • posters , calendars
  • business cards, discount cards
  • gift vouchers, tickets; lottery coupons
  • diplomas, certificates, letters of commendation and appreciation
  • formal postcards and invitations
  • stickers and labels
  • branded envelopes
  • price-lists and catalogues
  • invoices, reports and other variable information
  • personnel certificates
  • notebooks and CD books
  • PhotoBooks