Book Printing

UAB “BMK Leidykla” provides book printing, binding and book finishing services. We print books from low volume (from 1 copy).


Business Cards

Business card is integral part of business, representing you or your company. It is no secret that the rule “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply in business – even a minor matter can change people’s opinion of you – outfit, gesture, hobby. Both your behaviour and business card reflects your personality, style and values. 



Do you want to announce the opening of a shop, special offers and promotions or introduce your activity during an event? Leaflets and inserts are one of the most effective and cheap print advertisement means.



This is an exclusive product that will preserve the most important moments of your life. Children, christening, travelling, marriage, memoir, portfolio, business moments, anniversaries, holidays, events, beloved pets, family, graduation, birthday, hobby, poetry books, scrapbooks, receipt books, summer camps, professional holidays, biographies, yearbooks and much more other ideas.


Envelope Stuffing

Would you like to reach your current or potential clients quickly and effectively, send information and promotional messages, invoices, reports and other information on a periodical basis? The best way to do it is direct mailWe offer convenient and cheap envelope stuffing services, where the addressee receives high quality and intact information.


Creating the design and layout

Creativity, thoroughness, work rate, the agreed terms shall enable our company to successfully work. Our designers will create your product attractive face.


Catalogue Printing

Better to see once than to hear hundred times – this proverb is used by each business in developing visual material, representing services rendered, goods produced or sold. That includes website, photo book on Facebook, leaflets, brochures and other forms of prints. Catalogues are a useful form of products for those who seek to introduce a greater amount of information about their services and goods.



Make original greetings! At “BMK leidykla” we print formal postcards suitable for greeting family, friends and business partners. A variety of format and design solutions, finishing solutions and personalised text ensures that your postcard is distinctive. Our experts will offer postcard printing techniques best suited to your needs.



“BMK leidykla” prints different format branded calendars suited to different purpose. Branded calendars are a great self-marketing tool and one of the most popular and functional business gifts. Based on your clients’ needs, you may choose wall, desk, pocket, schedule and other type of calendars with your company logo, slogan and other information.